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Zvuková lázeň Crystal Bowl a řízená meditace

Termíny 2023

4. února

4. března

6. května

1. července

2. září

4. listopadu


Od 12 do 14 hodin. Přijďte prosím v 11:50

Manston & Hammoon Village Hall 

Shaftesbury Road 


Sturminster Newton 


DT10 1EX

Poznámka: Někdy, pokud to počasí dovolí, mohou být venku.

Manston & Hammoon Village Hall, Shaftesbury Road, Manston, Sturminster Newton, Dorset, DT10 1EX

12noon through to 2pm. Please arrive 11:50am

This Sound Bath and Guided Meditation is crafted for the group’s intentions, which are stated verbally at the start of the session. After the intention is set, Kathy takes you on a guided meditation to a sacred space where you can let go of limiting beliefs, thoughts, and actions (our patterned behaviours) to clear the mind, body, and soul.

The soul sound immersion uses crystal singing bowls, along with the gong and many other instruments of sound will help release emotional blocks or hurts, whether from the past or present, to bring balance allowing you to relax even more deeply.

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